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Mark D. Johnston

Mark D. Johnston

Contact Info

JPL Office

Bldg 310 Room 260S
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Mailing Address

M/S 301-260
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109-8099


818.393.5244 (fax)


Official Bio

Mark D. Johnston is a principal scientist in the Artificial Intelligence Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology. He is working on new planning and scheduling technologies for several space projects sponsored by NASA. His research interests include reactive planning and scheduling, multi-objective optimization, and evolutionary algorithms. He holds an A.B. degree summa cum laude from Princeton University, and a Ph. D. from MIT, both in Physics. He is the originator of the Spike scheduling system, developed for use on Hubble Space Telescope, and used on both the Chandra and Spitzer great observatories as well as various space- and ground-based observatories. His experience includes over 10 years in commercial product development of advanced planning and scheduling systems, especially as applied to semiconductor manufacturing, assembly, and testing.

Selected Publications

  • Johnston, M. D., Tran, D., Arroyo, B., and Page, C. (2009). "Request-Driven Scheduling for NASA's Deep Space Network." International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space (IWPSS), Pasadena, CA. CL#09-2267
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  • Johnston, M. D., and Giuliano, M. (2009) "MUSE: The Multi-User Scheduling Environment for Multi-Objective Scheduling of Space Science Missions." IJCAI Workshop on Space Applications of AI, Pasadena, CA. CL#09-2844
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  • Johnston, M.D. (2008). "Deep Space Network Scheduling Using Multi-Objective Optimization with Uncertainty." SpaceOps 2008, HeidelBerg, Germany. CL#08-0999
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  • Giuliano, M., and Johnston, M. D. (2008). "Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Scheduling the James Webb Space Telescope." International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), Sydney, Australia. CL#08-2782
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  • Johnston, M. D. (2008). "An Evolutionary Algorithm Approach to Multi-Objective Scheduling of Space Network Communications". Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, Vol. 14 pp 367-376. CL#07-1243
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  • Johnston, M. D. (2006). "Multi-Objective Scheduling for NASA's Deep Space Network Array". International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space. Baltimore, MD, Space Telescope Science Institute. CL#06-2907
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  • Johnston, M. D. and K. J. Rabe (2006). "Integrating AI Planning for Telepresence with Time Delays". AAAI Fall Symposium. Washington, DC, AAAI. CL#06-2753
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  • Johnston, M. D. and B. J. Clement (2005). "Automating Deep Space Network Scheduling and Conflict Resolution". ISAIRAS 2005, Munich, Germany. CL#05-1739
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  • Clement, B. J. and M. D. Johnston (2005). "The Deep Space Network Scheduling Problem". IAAI 2005, Pittsburgh, PA, AAAI Press. CL#05-1007
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  • Johnston, M. D. and R. Knight (2004). "Optimizing Observing Sequence Design for Periodic and Non-periodic Phenomena: A Bayesian Approach". Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS XIV). Pasadena, CA. CL#04-3448
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  • Johnston, M. D. (2001). "Reconciling High-Speed Scheduling with Dispatching in Wafer Fabs". 2001 IEEE International Symposium on Semiconductor Manufacturing (ISSM), San Jose, California.
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  • Johnston, M. D. and G. E. Miller (1994). "Spike: Intelligent Scheduling of Hubble Space Telescope Observations". in Intelligent Scheduling, ed. M. Zweben and M. Fox. San Mateo, Morgan Kaufmann: pp. 391-422.
  • Johnston, M. D. and S. Minton (1994). "Analyzing a Heuristic Strategy for Constraint-Satisfaction and Scheduling. in Intelligent Scheduling, ed. M. Zweben and M. Fox. San Mateo, Morgan Kaufmann: pp. 257-289.
  • Johnston, M. D., R. Henry, A. Gerb, M. Giuliano, B. Ross, N. Sanidas, S. Wissler and J. Mainard (1993). "Improving the Observing Efficiency of Hubble Space Telescope". Computing in Aerospace 9, San Diego, CA, AIAA.
  • Johnston, M. D. (1993). "Automated Scheduling of Hubble Space Telescope: Oversubscription and Observing Efficiency". AIAA Computers in Aerospace 9, San Diego, California, 19-21 Oct. 1993, AIAA.
  • Minton, S., M. D. Johnston, A. Philips and P. Laird (1992). "Minimizing Conflicts: A Heuristic Repair Method for Constraint Satisfaction and Scheduling Problems." Artificial Intelligence Journal 58: 161-205.
  • Johnston, M. D. (1992). "Spike: AI Scheduling for Hubble Space Telescope After 18 Months of Orbital Operations". 1992 AAAI Spring Symposium Series "Practical Approaches to Scheduling and Planning", 25-27 March 1992, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California.
  • Johnston, M. D. and H.-M. Adorf (1992). "Scheduling with Neural Networks: the Case of Hubble Space Telescope." International Journal of Computers and Operations Research 19: 209-240.
  • Minton, S., M. D. Johnston, A. Philips and P. Laird (1990). "Solving Large-Scale Constraint-Satisfaction and Scheduling Problems Using a Heuristic Repair Method". Eighth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Boston, Massachusetts, AIAA Press.


Artificial Intelligence Group
Section 317 - Planning and Execution Systems
Division 31 - Information Technologies and Software Systems
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