Official Bio

Evan Clark is a Member of Technical Staff of the Artificial Intelligence, Observation Planning and Analysis Group, Planning and Execution Section, of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

Evan graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence. In 2016, he was a summer intern at JPL, working on the software for the Buoyant Rover for Under Ice Exploration (BRUIE). He previously worked for Stone Aerospace on ARTEMIS - a robotic submarine for under ice exploration - and supported its deployment to Antarctica. While there, he also worked on VALKYRIE, a laser carrying cryobot and supported its testing in Alaska.

Evan works on autonomous marine vehicles, including the Bouyant Under Ice Rover (BRUIE), but also other autonomous Marine Vehicles with a focus extended duration autonomous vehicles such as a submersible to Ocean Worlds.

Selected Publications