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Past Projects

Planning Technology


Adaptive Problem Solving for Large Scale Scheduling and Resource Allocation Problems task involves the development of Machine Learning Methods to automatically find effective domain-specific scheduler control strategies. It is applied to the domains of spacecraft commanding and to Deep Space Network scheduling problems.


Closed Loop Execution and Recovery is an integrated planning and execution framework for autonomous control of robotic entities. The CLEaR system currently utilizes CASPER and TDL, and focuses on on the use of both near-term reactive behavior and long-term deliberative decision making.

Benchmark Problem Domains

The benchmark problem domains were developed and released in response to the disconnect between the research and application communities in planning and scheduling. The two actual space domains, DATA-CHASER and CX-1, developed at Colorado Space Grant, contain multiple levels of difficulty and simulators corresponding to these levels, in the hopes the the planning and scheduling community will direct research towards more real-world problems.

Spacecraft Autonomy



Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment uses on-board science analysis and replanning to radically increase science return by enabling intelligent downlink selection and autonomous retargeting. + Read More


Three Corner Satellite is a demonstration of stereo imaging, formation flying and innovative command and data handling, including on-board autonomy + Read More


Citizen Explorer is a small earth orbiting satellite built and managed by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.


Deep Space 1 The first deep space flight of the New Millenium program will feature advanced software for autonomous operation.
Orbital Express

Orbital Express

Orbital Express + Read More


Intelligent Payload Experiment + Read More


Modified Antarctic Mapping Missison The ASPEN planning system automated the mission planning process and provided a fast replanning capability for responding to anomolies during operations.


The ESA Rosetta mission used automation for both campaign activity scheduling and data management. + Read More
Thailand Flood Sensorweb

Thailand Flood Sensorweb

Thailand Flood Sensorweb + Read More
Volcano Sensorweb

Volcano Sensorweb

Volcano Sensorweb uses a network of sensors linked by software and the internet to an autonomous satellite observation response capability. + Read More

Rover Autonomy

Autonomous Rover Command Generation

A proof-of-concept prototype for automatic generation of validated rover command sequences from high-level science and engineering activities.


Multi-Rover Integrated Science Understanding System develops architectures and technologies for command and control of multi-rover groups for planetary exploration.

Rocky-7 Rover Science Planning

An intelligent science tool for planetary rover operations.

Deep Space Network Operations


Deep Space Station Controller is an extension to the work performed for the Deep Space Terminal (DS-T) task, part of the Deep Space Network, in the area of track automation. This work utilizes the CLEaR system to provide the capability for robust dynamic desision making and execution management for autonomous DSN ground station operations.

Autonomous Aerial Vehicles



Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperature Radar(UAVSAR) desmonstrates onboard processing and interpretation of radar data and autonomous response to retask vehicle and instrument based upon interpretation of this data + Read More


Unmanned Air Vehicles consist of integrating JPL planning, diagnostics, and prognostics systems as part of the control architecture for UAVs.

Marine Autonomy



Surface Water and Ocean Topography(SWOT) will conduct a global survey of Earth's surface water with unprecedented resolution, allowing scientists to better understand subjects from water supply to oceanic circulation to climate change. + Read More


Planning and Prosecution for the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) + Read More

Autonomous Profiling Floats

+ Read More

Science Analysis


Automated SAR Image Processing system uses Artificial Intelligence Planning techniques to automate most fo the steps in image processing of synthetic aperature radar (SAR) images to satisfy science requests


Multimission VICAR Planner uses Artificial Intelligence Planning techniques to automatically synthesize executable image processing processing procedures to satisfy science requests.

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