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Automated Planning and Scheduling for Goal-based Autonomous Spacecraft S. Chien, N. Muscettola, K. Rajan, B. Smith, G. Rabideau IEEE Intelligent Systems . September/October 1998 .
Design of the Remote Agent Experiment for Spacecraft Autonomomy D. Bernard, G. Dorais, C. Fry, E. Gamble, B. Kanefsky, J. Kurien, W. Millar, N. Muscettola, P. Nayak, B. Pell, K. Rajan, N. Rouquette, B. Smith, B. Williams IEEE Aerospace Conference. Aspen, CO. 1998
Using Artificial Intelligence Planning Techniques to Automatically Reconfigure Software Modules S. Chien, F. Fisher, H. Mortensen, E. Lo, R. Greeley, A. Govindjee, T. Estlin, X. Wang Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence . Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-based Systems 1998 . + PS CL#98-0171
Static and completion analysis for knowledge acquisition, validation, and maintenance of planning knowledge bases S. Chien International Journal of Human Computer Studies . v48 1998 .
Using Artificial Intelligence Planning to Automate SAR Image Processing for Scientific Data Analysis F. Fisher, S. Chien, E. Lo, R. Greeley Conference on Innovative Application of Artificial Intelligence,. Madision, WI. July 1998
An Automated Deep Space Communications Station F. Fisher, S. Chien, L. Paal, E. Law, N. Golshan, M. Stockett IEEE Aerospace Conference. Aspen, CO. March 1998
Restart Scheduling for Genetic Algorithms A. Fukunaga International Conference on Parallel Processing Solving from Nature (PPSN). Amsterdam. September 1998
Issues in Temporal Reasoning for Autonomous Control Systems Nicola Muscettola, Paul Morris, Barney Pell, Ben Smith International Conference on Autonomous Agents. Minneapolis, MI. 1998
Mission Operations with an Autonomous Agent B. Pell, S. Sawyer, D. Bernard, N. Muscettola, B. Smith IEEE Aerospace Conference. Aspen, CO. 1998
Using ASPEN to Automate EO-1 Activity Planning R. Sherwood, A. Govindjee, D. Yan, G. Rabideau, S. Chien, A. Fukunaga IEEE Aerospace Conference. Aspen, CO. March 1998 + PDF CL#97-1556
Representing Spacecraft Mission Planning Knowledge in Aspen B. Smith, R. Sherwood, A. Govindjee, D. Yan, G. Rabideau, S. Chien, A. Fukunaga Artificial Intelligence Planning and Scheduling Workshop on Knowledge Engineering and Acquisition for Planning. (AIPS 1998). June 1998


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