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Senate Testimony: The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

Testimony by Dr. Steve Chien of the JPL AIG and other industry experts to the US Senate Subcommittee on Space, Science, and Competitiveness regarding applications and future of artificial intelligence.


From Montery Bay to Europa

JPL press release describing deployment of artificially intelligent submersible science robots to Montery Bay. The technology demonstrates a step toward autonomous exploration of ocean worlds such as Europa. +JPL Press Release


NASA Mars Rover Can Choose Laser Targets on Its Own

Press release describing deployment of AEGIS software to the MSL rover, allowing it to condust autonomous follow-up science data gathering on Mars. +JPL Press Release


Los cerebros de la Inteligencia Artificial



Thinking Inside the Box, Launching into Space

+JPL Press Release


AEGIS wins NASA Software of the Year Award

+JPL Press Release


NASA Sensors Providing Rapid Estimates of Iceland Volcano Emissions

+NASA Press Release


NASA Goes Inside a Volcano, Monitors Activity

+JPL Press Release


Intelligent Beings in Space!

+ New York Times



JPL Team Honored With NASA's Software of the Year Award

Software developed by a team of engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, has been selected to receive NASA's Software of the Year Award. The ASE software helps scientists monitor environmental events on Earth, such as volanic eruptions, floods and wildfires. + JPL Press Release



Software Learns to Recognize Spring Thaw

Spring thaw in the Northern Hemisphere was monitored by a new set of eyes this year -- an Earth-orbiting NASA spacecraft carrying a new version of software trained to recognize and distinguish snow, ice, and water from space. + JPL Press Release



New Software on NASA Spacecraft Monitors Active Volcano

Software on a NASA spacecraft recently made a scientific observation on its own without human interaction. The ST6 Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment captured images of Antarctica's Mt. Erebus and detected volcanic activity. + JPL Press Release



NASA Satellites Eye Forest Fires

If a forest catches fire and no one is around to see it, can it call for help? The forest cannot call, but thanks to new technology developed by NASA, firefighters may get the word faster through new, high-tech eyes in the sky. + JPL Press Release



Artificial Intelligence Software to Command Mission

NASA software that thinks for itself and makes decisions without help from ground controllers will fly as the brains of triplet satellites in 2002. + JPL Press Release

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